Tag: microservices

  • There is no such thing as orchestration (8 July 2021)
    Coupling is subtle and sneaks in from every hole. With long-running business processes, the overall business problem tends to take precedence over what seems to be a minor concern. Unfortunately, those choices might turn against us in the long run.
  • Services UI Composition @ ApiConf 2018 in Turin (30 May 2018)

    Once again I’ll have the pleasure of presenting at a conference organized by Cloud Conf folks.

    This time the topic is one of my favorite: Services UI Composition!

    The talk will cover how to build a UI for a system built using a microservices architecture. The talk will be in Italian and details are available on the event page.

    If you happen to be in Turin, that by the way is a wonderful city, take a chance to attend this very well organized conference. And come and say hi!