The case of NServiceBus long running jobs: OCR Processing.

Designing systems using a message based architecture is awesome. Messages are a nice way to design human interactions and to model how different components in a domain interact with each other. Unfortunately, technology sometimes causes more headaches than needed. And when it comes to messaging, long running jobs are a interesting headache to deal with.
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VDesk: Windows 10 desktops made easy.

I consider myself an happy Windows 10 user. With some issues, sometimes, due to the fact that I'm using a Windows 10 Insider beta version on both my work machines. Brave guy. As former OSX user I felt in love with multi-desktop support long time ago and I've always looked for ways to improve the very basic Windows 10 multi-desktop experience. Be aware that very basic doesn't mean poor.

NServiceBus batch processing with Sagas.

We have already seen how to consume, or simulate that, messages in batches. We might have a different use case, from the one outlined in the previous post, money transactions processing.

The case of broken SignalR Authentication.

I’m playing with a sample project that utilizes ASP.Net MVC, WebAPI and SignalR. My need is to add a very basic authentication mechanism to show how to handle identity propagation to endpoints when using NServiceBus and messages.

Consuming messages in batches with NServiceBus.

I already talked a lot about NServiceBus and as you might know I work for Particular Software, we make NServiceBus. I wrote a very basic introduction in 2012 using the phone call and express courier analogy. Some time ago I was asked if there is any option to consume NServiceBus messages in batches.

Deadlines: are they a good thing? The acting and directing metaphor.

You might already know that for living I work in the software industry. It has been my primary job for the last 16 years or so. You might not know that my secret dream is to be an artist.

Cloud Conference 2016

Yesterday I had this fantastic opportunity to speak at CloudConf2016 along with a group of amazing speakers and professionals. It was an opportunity to meet new friends, compare and discuss ideas.