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Paging and sorting in distributed systems, oh my!

Paging and sorting sound like a controversial and complex topic when it comes to displaying data; however, they don't need to be, even in distributed systems.

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Upcoming event • March 27, 2020

I'll be at WROC# 2020, Wrocław Stadium. We'll talk about:

  • Designing a UI for Microservices

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Businesses don't fail, they make mistakes

Sooner or later the system will fail. Doesn't matter if it'll be for an infrastructure failure or a bug. It'll fail. Dealing with failures can be tricky especially when business failures are handled like if they were infrastructure ones.

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Exploring NServiceBus Integration Testing options

Sometimes there is the need to test the full business scenario. Like the full dress rehearsal for a show. When using messaging, business scenario testing is not easy and NServiceBus unit testing capabilities aren't good enough.

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I built a thing, well...two.

NServiceBus has a configurable routing engine whose role is to define where messages should be routed when sent. The routing engine is configured along with the endpoint, that might not be the most comfortable solution. Is there anything we can do about it?

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The Price of Freedom

When designing UIs for a distributed system we're faced with many choices. It's hard to districate ourselves into the options jungle. We might be tempted to select what at a first look seems to be most flexible solution, as flexibility pretend to imply freedom. It's tremendously easy to transition from freedom to anarchy.

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Search is a Team Effort

Designing search functionality for a distributed system is challenging. There is the coupling threat on the one hand, and on the other we cannot sacrifice efficiency. There are a lot of similarities to what happens during a race car pit stop.

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The Quest for better Search

There is search and then there is search. And despite having the same name their meaning, and thus their technical implications, is shaped by the business we are in. Let's have a look at what search in a distributed system is and what problems brings to the table.

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