The Guisa1 event is approaching, this post is to give some logistic details. The official event hash tag is #guisa1.
Event Location
The event is hosted by “Banca di Credito Cooperativo” (Aula "G. Carminati") Via C. Carcano 15, Treviglio (BG) the bank is located in the town center and can be easly reached by walking from the railway station in 10 minutes.

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For attendees coming by car the best (free) parking is located near the swimming pool:

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If someone is interested in staying in Treviglio the night before the event or the night after the event the best hotels in town are the following (in my order of preference);
  1. Hotel “Treviglio”, near the railway station;
  2. Hotel “Atlantic”;
  3. Hotel “La Lepre”;
As usual the evening right after the event we have organized a dinner, as soon as I have more details about the location I’ll post an update.