it is a requirement! I cannot go on scrounging hosting off Gian Maria and Alessandro and at the same time I do not want to pay an hosting plan just to host my own blog, after 3 years I can safely say that it is not sustainable….and since this blog title is “Mauro and the sustainable development”… Smile

So far so good…but what’s happening?

Well…lot’s of things:

  • if you are reading this post means that the FeedBurner feed has been successfully updated to point to the new blog:;
  • the “old” blog ( is still alive and will be online until the posts migration process has been completed:
    • I’ve written a tool to migrate posts from the old blog to Blogger, but blogger has a post limit (well a sort of) of 50 posts a day, so the migration process will last something like 16 days;
  • at the end of the migration process the old blog address will be redirected here in order to complete the migration;

This basically means that by the 15 of February I can free some resources of the Gian Maria and Alessandro server Smile with tongue out

Why BlogSpot?

There were, when I decided to move a couple of weeks ago, 2 main competitor:

  • WordPress;
  • BlogSpot;

Both free and with lots of interesting features, really a lot Smile, but I was looking mainly for 2 features:

  • Custom domain, I need to point to the blog;
  • Custom pages: the ability top create “pages” other then posts;

Both the competitors offer these features but the custom domain is a paid feature for WordPress…BlogSpot is the winner…easy Smile

In the End…

I’d like to thank:

  • First of all Ugo for Dexter and the support during these 3 year;
  • Gian Maria and Alessandro for the free hosting during the last months;

Thanks guys, I owe you a dinner.