2 years ago…

I wrote, speaking about task boards (concrete board):


Interaction with a concrete panel, directly accessible by the customer has a great collateral effect:

  • our client says: I would love to have also this small feature…it’s a cheap change for you guys (WTF…I can say if it’s cheap or not…not you…Smile)
    • immediately a story takes its own place on the board;
    • the “traffic” on the panel increases;
    • our client directly perceives that stuff to do has increased, increased proportionally to each request;
  • The rate of questions like “which is the state of the art?” has dramatically dropped;
  • The client think a lot, looking at the board, before asking for a change request;

These only to say that online tools a really cool, but being able to physically touch the backlog has its own pros.

2 years later…

Today I can state that it works <cit.>, the board is not the same (from the design point of view) now it’s much more a Kanban board, than a Scrum one, with WIP limits determined by column sizes:


the effect is the same, and my PM only asks me “how you doing” in front of the coffee machine just to know how the weekend has gone and not to know how the project is growing Smile with tongue out