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  • On ViewModel Composition and UI Composition (20 April 2021)
    We often confuse UI and ViewModel Composition. They are not the same thing and they solve different problems. We can use them in isolation but in most cases, they give their best when used in conjunction.
  • Services UI Composition @ ApiConf 2018 in Turin (30 May 2018)

    Once again I’ll have the pleasure of presenting at a conference organized by Cloud Conf folks.

    This time the topic is one of my favorite: Services UI Composition!

    The talk will cover how to build a UI for a system built using a microservices architecture. The talk will be in Italian and details are available on the event page.

    If you happen to be in Turin, that by the way is a wonderful city, take a chance to attend this very well organized conference. And come and say hi!