Delayed messages / Timeouts

Tag: timeouts

  • Hold on! Your updates are spamming me (28 September 2021)
    Sending notifications to users might be easy. Dealing with a lot of messages can result in spamming them. How can we evolve a simple notification infrastructure to avoid delivering too many messages?
  • Got the time (5 March 2021)
    When modeling time, we can use a batch job-oriented approach, or what I like to call the ticking time bomb model. Or we can flip the responsibilities and use messages for our future selves to achieve the results more efficiently and effectively. Let's see how to model time using NServiceBus sagas and messages.
  • I'll be back (8 February 2021)
    Time from the perspective of systems design has many nuances and complexities. There are clock drift issues and design issues related to modeling the passage of time. Shall we model the passage of time as a clock does?