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  • Lifehacking 101: One to-do list to rule 'em all (19 September 2022)
    I'm so bad at to-do lists. At the same time, if I don't write things down, I forget everything. So what? It turns out that with a bit of inventiveness, I can make to-do lists mostly work for me.
  • I'm lazy, I have a checklist for everything (10 January 2022)
    I don't want to waste brain cycles to remember things that aren't worth remembering. To-do lists and checklists are a much better approach. They help me not to forget things, and simultaneously, they free up my brainpower for more important matters.
  • Lifehacking 101: slow down (17 November 2021)
    We believe we're surrounded by people who accomplish many things, and we feel we do nothing. We struggle to keep up, and we achieve little to nothing. Why is that, and can we do something about it?
  • Lifehacking 101: plans disruptions (20 May 2021)
    Dealing with plan disruptions is never easy. Unfortunately, all the involved people will pay the price one way or the other. However, there are some actions we can put in place to mitigate the effects of a planning disruption.
  • Lifehacking 101: journaling as a continuous learning process (1 March 2021)
    Brainstorming alone is painful for me. Questions like 'what can I improve?' or 'what's going wrong?' hardly get answered. Journaling is helping me in shaping what's next.
  • Lifehacking 101: without data we're blind (24 February 2021)
    Your day is a mess. By the end of the day, the predominant feeling is that you probably got nothing done. Before trying to address any problem, it's essential to understand which issues we're facing.
  • Lifehacking 101: I'm bad at to-do lists, now what? (19 February 2021)
    When it comes to to-do lists, I'm terrible. How do I get better at managing my activities and time? Context switching seems to be the real culprit. I'm pretty sure I won't get any better at to-do lists.
  • I'm a procrastinator. I fail at To-Do lists. (23 January 2019)
    I tried to-do lists many many times, and after a while I always failed. Being a procrastinator doesn't really help when it comes to to-do lists. Here is my reasoning on the root causes of the problem and how I decided to fix it.