• When too many choices are harmful (15 February 2022)
    I tend to be lazy and pragmatic when it comes to choices. It's also true that being exposed to too many options stresses me producing a negative result. I end up refusing to choose.
  • We're too stressed about (vendor) lock-in (17 January 2022)
    Developers and managers are worried about (vendor) lock-in. They build castles of cards in a vain attempt to work around what they perceive as a problem. Is this a different form of over-engineering?
  • I'm lazy, I have a checklist for everything (10 January 2022)
    I don't want to waste brain cycles to remember things that aren't worth remembering. To-do lists and checklists are a much better approach. They help me not to forget things, and simultaneously, they free up my brainpower for more important matters.
  • Continuous integration: are pull requests bad? (14 December 2021)
    There are continuous integration advocates and pull requests evangelists. They both present valid arguments to sustain their thesis. Is there a different point of view we should be considering before choosing one style or the other?
  • Deadlines: are they a good thing? The acting and directing metaphor. (2 May 2016)
    You might already know that for living I work in the software industry. It has been my primary job for the last 16 years or so. You might not know that my secret dream is to be an artist.