Tag: personal

  • Eight months with the Kindle Scribe (24 July 2023)
    I've been using a Kindle Scribe since December 2022. Primarily for reading and, from time to time, for note taking. Would I buy it knowing what I know today? No.
  • I moved from LastPass to 1Password. I'm not happier (9 August 2022)
    I've been a long-time LastPass client. I recently switched to 1Password in an attempt to overcome a few LastPass cons. I solved them, but I'm not sure the situation improved.
  • We need insights, not data (19 April 2022)
    Gauges and graphs attract software engineers like honey for bees. We spend hours implementing distributed logging solutions or monitoring systems, and still we have a hard time understanding what's going on.
  • They'll probably make it anyway: bulk editing Garmin data (26 March 2022)
    Users have needs. They want to get things done when using software. If what they have is not satisfactory, they'll get creative.
  • When too many choices are harmful (15 February 2022)
    I tend to be lazy and pragmatic when it comes to choices. It's also true that being exposed to too many options stresses me producing a negative result. I end up refusing to choose.
  • Do I still need a smart watch? (27 December 2021)
    I feel misplaced sometimes. People around me, apparently, happily buy a lot of things I find completely useless. Every time I look at my wish list I only find good reasons to not buy something. Am I missing something crucial? What do I really need?