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  • Mattox: simple, pre-configured NServiceBus endpoints (8 January 2024)
    NServiceBus endpoints support only code-based configuration, which is handy and not always friendly at the same time. But what if we could plug in the superb Microsoft configuration extensions to configure NServiceBus endpoints?
  • How many (micro)services do I need? (15 March 2023)
    Microservices, microservices everywhere. But how many of them do we need? It's easy to be trapped by the micro thing and end up with thousands of them. Let's try to provide some guidance.
  • NServiceBus.IntegrationTesting baby steps (7 April 2021)
    NServiceBus.IntegrationTesting started as an exploration activity and recently turned into a stable v1 release. V1 comes with some new features and one limitation that led to brainstorming options for the future.
  • Got the time (5 March 2021)
    When modeling time, we can use a batch job-oriented approach, or what I like to call the ticking time bomb model. Or we can flip the responsibilities and use messages for our future selves to achieve the results more efficiently and effectively. Let's see how to model time using NServiceBus sagas and messages.
  • Hey hey hey it's started (23 July 2020)
    When using NServiceBus, sometimes there is a need to perform actions when the endpoint is started. This can become cumbersome when using the .NET Core Generic Host infrastructure. NServiceBus.Extensions.EndpointStarted comes to the rescue, and allows to register a simple callback function during the endpoint configuration phase.
  • Businesses don't fail, they make mistakes (10 September 2019)
    Sooner or later the system will fail. Doesn't matter if it'll be for an infrastructure failure or a bug. It'll fail. Dealing with failures can be tricky especially when business failures are handled like if they were infrastructure ones.
  • Exploring NServiceBus Integration Testing options (4 July 2019)
    Sometimes there is the need to test the full business scenario. Like the full dress rehearsal for a show. When using messaging, business scenario testing is not easy and NServiceBus unit testing capabilities aren't good enough.
  • I built a thing, well...two. (19 June 2019)
    NServiceBus has a configurable routing engine whose role is to define where messages should be routed when sent. The routing engine is configured along with the endpoint, that might not be the most comfortable solution. Is there anything we can do about it?
  • The case of NServiceBus long running jobs: OCR Processing. (20 December 2016)
    Designing systems using a message based architecture is awesome. Messages are a nice way to design human interactions and to model how different components in a domain interact with each other. Unfortunately, technology sometimes causes more headaches than needed. And when it comes to messaging, long running jobs are a interesting headache to deal with.
  • NServiceBus batch processing with Sagas. (7 September 2016)
    We have already seen how to consume, or simulate that, messages in batches. We might have a different use case, from the one outlined in the previous post, money transactions processing.
  • Consuming messages in batches with NServiceBus. (23 August 2016)
    I already talked a lot about NServiceBus and as you might know I work for Particular Software, we make NServiceBus. I wrote a very basic introduction in 2012 using the phone call and express courier analogy. Some time ago I was asked if there is any option to consume NServiceBus messages in batches.
  • Solution Architect @ Particular Software (1 April 2015)

    I’m so excited to announce that starting today I’ll be a Solution Architect in Particular Software, an amazing group of awesome people, supporting customers in their journey with NServiceBus and the Particular Platform.

    I have no words to express my satisfaction, so enjoy:

    This long journey started 15 years ago and is really far away from its end, but this is one of those milestones that can change your life, at least changed mine.

    There is a long list of people I must (yes must) thank, too easy to miss someone, but at least 3 were a game changer in my life, so thank you Raffaele, Lorenzo and Andrea. (in strict order of appearance).