Integration testing

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  • HTTP client and HTTP client factory in integration testing (10 November 2021)
    Integration testing can be challenging. If we're also dealing with HTTP, it can be a nightmare. HTTP client factory in combination with the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Testing package can come to the rescue and save our day.
  • You wanna test HTTP, right? (28 April 2021)
    Tests generate confidence. Awesome. Sometimes we need to test components requiring HTTP, and we risk building complex test infrastructures that only erode confidence. What options do we have?
  • NServiceBus.IntegrationTesting baby steps (7 April 2021)
    NServiceBus.IntegrationTesting started as an exploration activity and recently turned into a stable v1 release. V1 comes with some new features and one limitation that led to brainstorming options for the future.
  • Exploring NServiceBus Integration Testing options (4 July 2019)
    Sometimes there is the need to test the full business scenario. Like the full dress rehearsal for a show. When using messaging, business scenario testing is not easy and NServiceBus unit testing capabilities aren't good enough.