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Codemotion Rome 2017

22 / 25 Marzo 2017 Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, Via Vito Volterra, 60 Italian / English
  • The road to a Service Oriented Architecture is paved with messages

    One of the options on the table when implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), or the communication style across multiple microservices, is based on messages and a service bus. This talk will drive you through the basic SOA building blocks, introduce message based architectures, and will connect the dots between technology and architectural principles through some samples using NServiceBus.
  • Microservices development deep dive (1 day Workshop)

    Go beyond the hype and build a solid foundation of theory and practice with this workshop on Microservices development. This one day deep-dive will be a journey from SOA concepts to DevOps practices to fully understand what Microservices are and how to design, develop and manage them.