I own a OnePlus One device, I am really happy with it. Seriously.

A couple of weeks ago I updated the built-in mail up (the one based on Boxer) and guess what? Battery life dropped from 2 full days to less than 8 hrs. Crap.

The update was not intentional, Google Play Services updated the app among a set of others, as usual. It took me a while to detect that the offending one was the mail app.

Battery stats weren’t reporting anything strange, I use emails from the phone a lot during the day, so it is not a surprise that the mail app was the battery drainer, from the stats point of view, but it was only consuming the 30% of the battery power.

Since it is basically the only app I’m using on the phone I tried to change, moved to Outlook, and surprise? back to 2 days of battery life.

My question is: Dear Android ecosystem how the hell do you think that my mother, or any other non power user, can survive to you?