Last week while travelling to London I had the pleasure to read “ASP.NET Web API Succinctly” by Emanuele DelBono, the book is part of the Syncfusion technical collection and I must admit that it is simply complete despite its brevity, I read it in not more than 2 hours.

Emanuele starts with a brief introduction to what REST is and to its philosophy, to deep dive into the ASP.NET Web API technical aspects and into how REST combines with the Web API technology.

The technical part of the book is the perfect combination between simplicity and in-depth analysis, given the nature of the book collection, everything is faced with the expected complexity rate, enough to give to the reader the information required to start moving with its own feet but much more enough to give all the information required to start diving into Web API topics independently. Topics that ranges from the routing engine to security management passing through the Web API extensibility pipeline.

A must read.