Finally it’s here:, the first live GUISA event has been organized.

A new format

we want to introduce a new format, we are typically used to two main formats:

  • Speaker driven events, talks, where the speaker drives the knowledge one way from himself to the audience;
  • Whiteboard events where the audience discuss something and in some case there is just a moderator to keep persons on focus;

We would like the have the best of both:

  • Sessions will last 90 minutes:
    • The first 60 minutes are speaker driven;
    • The last 30 minutes are for the discussion;
  • Session must be about real world projects: the session host will introduce in the first 60 minutes the requirements and choices done to achieve the goal in real world scenario;
  • Session must be followed by a discussion on the presented choices: the speaker must be ready o be criticized Smile

Hurry up!

The event will be hosted by the “Banca di Credito Cooperativo” in Treviglio (BG) and as all the community events will be free.