The funny thing is that most of the human beings, when pushed under a heavy pressure, stop “attaching their brain” even if the problem they are facing is trivially stupid.
They become exactly like The Coyote escaping from the train, it can simply turn left or right to avoid the train but under heavy pressure it’s really hard to find the most worthwhile solution.
The funny (once again…) thing is that even if quite everybody agrees with the above statement generally the work ecosystem you live in tend to forget it and inevitably put employees under heavy pressure.
Does it worth?
No, it’s just waste, it’s reckless (period).
Postponing decision and the lack of coordination are two factors that lead to pressure, it’s a tenet, like the sunrise. Taking decisions in these situations is like driving with blinkers, you loose the broaden context, the bird eye view that guarantees that decision has no dramatic impact on the whole project.
So why?
I suppose that this typically happens because people (managers?) that drives other people under pressure does not have any knowledge of the project itself and avoid to listen because they think to have the truth…they are out of the project, and being out and taking decisions (or simply having influence on the taken decision) is one of the worst thing that can be done.
If you are not on the project simply stop taking decision and start trusting people in the team…and the next time join the team!
Everybody, all together, from early on.