It’s really interesting to travel by train and sometimes to travel by subway, not only because trains in Italy are far worst than a crappy stuff Winking smile
One thing I noticed is that on a train, a full train, the percentage of free seats is much greater then the percentage of free seats on the subway (on a full subway train). This simple observation leads me to try to understand why this happens, and this is far more interesting if we think that usually a train trip is much longer then a subway one, so to it sounds reasonable to find a seat on a train rather then on a subway train.
I think that the whole problem is due to the seats organization on a train, seats on a train (at least in Italy) are not organized to invite people to seat down, in order to seat down on a train you have to ask other people to wake up, to move their knees, to reposition their self in order to make room for you (trains space for people in Italy is not an important stuff from the point of view of the railway company).
So…a really simple think such as the seats organization can lead to an unsuccessful result…think about how many things can be better organized in your team and in your workplace…
I’m deeply convinced that there is room for improvement everywhere, for a great improvement.