On working 'standing up' - take 2

As said I'm a stand-up worker.

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Android: why standard users will hate you :-)

I own a OnePlus One device, I am really happy with it. Seriously.

On working 'standing up'

I have been a stand-up worker for almost 2 years, I started to work standing up due to a couple of really annoying things:

Why should I use GitHub to host a blog?

The question is certainly interesting: why should I use a platform (GitHub), that seems to be though with code in mind, to host a blog? The main reasons that comes to my mind are:

Moving away from Blogger: comments using Disqus

One of the issues that I needed to face when I decided to move my blog from Blogger to GitHub Pages using Jekyll is how to preserve comments on posts.

Jekyll: A new home for this blog

I decided to move this blog from Blogger, where it was hosted, to GitHub pages, the main reason that drove this decision is the European cookie law and the absurd way it is applied in Italy, basically forcing me to pay taxes for a thing I am not using but that I cannot disable.

If you can see this, it worked

One of the things that Jekyll misses is the ability to schedule future posts, but...